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Automotive, e-mobility, fuel cell technology

Electromobility, autonomous driving, and connected cars are just three of the key words that describe where the automotive industry of the future is headed. In Germany in particular, the automotive industry is still one of the most important drivers of growth.

As a supplier of a wide range of innovative components, you need to be able to fully rely on your machinery in order to supply the industry with reliable and consistent product quality. The rapid change in production technologies demands continuous innovation based upon decades of experience: a core competence of MP GmbH.

Let us advise you on all matters concerning automotive.

Examples of our experience

  • Hybrid module
  • Rotor and stator
  • Valve technology
  • Coolant, oil, fuel pumps
  • Igniter, axle, motorcycle gearboxes
  • Visco vibration damper
  • Exhaust gas recooling systems
  • Cylinder head

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