MP joined this year’s Dragon Boat Race in Strausberg. The team from MP GmbH “MP Galeere” have prepared very well in intensive training sessions. As a debutant MP occupied immediately the 2nd place at the SWG-Cup. Colleagues, friends and relatives have supported our team and ensured a very good mood.

MP GmbH invited on 11. April 2019 the business association of Fredersdorf, chamber of commerce (IHK), press and others to a guided tour through MP GmbH. The highest aim was it to increase the knowing about MP GmbH. The feedback from participants was very positive. The local press (Maerkischer Sonntag) informed: "Maerkischer Sonntag" PDF download....

Because of the good feedback during the last exhibition in 2017, MP decided to present itself again. This time MP had a twice bigger booth in Hall3, Stand H17.

This year was the most successful year in history of MP GmbH. The overall turnover increases from the change of generation in 2012 until 2018 up to 58%. MP could deliver a lot of new customers out of automotive industry. Also MP could deliver the until 2018 biggest single machine with a financial volume over 3 Mio. €. Because of so many and big single projects, it was necessary to rent a 3. shop floor. In this year MP had more than 60 employees.
The view into the year 2019 shows a good outlook. So hopefully MP can start to extend their main building. The currently most important milestone is releasing of the zoning plan by the community representatives of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf.

MP GmbH presents itself on the exhibition Hannover Messe International (HMI) first time. Visitors and the press showed a big interest on MP. "MOZ Artikel" PDF download....

MP presents itself to the trade fair INTEC in Leipzig, among other things with its spindle test stand.
Hall 3 Stand H01, I48.

At MP the press is on site and reports on a project with the customer TCG Unitech in the online magazine
"MM MaschinenMarkt". PDF download...

MP delivers further robot cells. This robot cells are technically similar to the first robot cells.

In 2015 MP started to change internal structures to handle the increasing amount of projects. One point is the implementation of an ERP-system as well as the enlargement of project management and service department. Further structural changes for increasing efficiency are in preparation. The aim for 2016 is to finish all changes until the end of the year. So for 2017 MP builds a solid fundament for a increasing of total output.

MP delivers further robot cells. This robot cells are technically similar to the first robot cells.

MP delivers the second very complex measurement machine for detecting backlash. This allows doubling the output with measurement in lower μm-range during full production.

In 2014 MP had a strong growth. The total output increased about 10%. Additional employees have been acquired. However, the shortage of skilled was problematic. The outlook for 2015 is cautiously optimistic. The aim is to stabilize the total output at the level of the 2014.

MP delivers the first full automated robot cells for handling of camshaft bushings. This machine allows producing up to 100different types without any stop and change of set-up. Therefore MP developed an innovative logistic concept.

MP delivers to Stihl an assembly machine for a transmission of gardening equipment. MP uses the innovative and flexible workplace concept again.

MP gets an order to modify an assembly line delivered in 2008. The assembly line produces front differential for a German sports car manufacturer. The modification is for the second generation of this car.

MP develops new innovative workplace concepts. This gives the customer a flexible possibility to rearrange the workplace in an easy way, anytime. This concept integrated MP in a new assembly line for the new generation diesel pumps.

MP delivers a new developed machine for tube cutting. The machine cuts with laser technology. The maximum dimensions are: wall thickness up to 3 mm, lengths up to 1300 mm, diameters up to 300 mm. Cycle time is 15 seconds.
MP develops a new clamping chuck with a length of 70 mm for cutting of very small and short tubes.

MP develop for a global operating automotive supplier new assembling concepts which bases on lean production. The bases are the principles of: Simple, Clear, Safe. In this assembly line is integrated complex measurement technology to assemble the transmission in a very high precise way.

2013 was a good year. In compare to 2012 MP GmbH could generate a turnover increase. In addition to business of regular customers MP could acquire new customers again.
The outlook into 2014 is positive.

MP delivers a very complex measurement machine for detecting backlash. The measurement is in lower μm-range during full production.

Because of a lot of new employees MP enlarges the space for parking.

2012 was for MP GmbH a good year. MP could deliver to its new customers VW a complete assembly line for car water pumps. The level of automation is very high. As well as the output is very high.

The generational change in the company's management is completed. On October 01st Mr. Werner Wolf went into retirement.
Mr. Christian Wolf was appointed to the Managing Director.

2011 was for MP GmbH a good fiscal year. Regular and new customers ensured a good order situation and enabled hiring new employees.

MP GmbH as an innovative company in development of assembly line systems feels confirmed in their activities. It is encouraged to continue their way of supporting the alternative drive technology Fuel Cell.
Press release PDF download...

MP GmbH has developed concepts for assembly and testing of fuel cells and hydrogen technology components.

From May 15th to 18th in Vancouver (Canada) was the "Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2011". MP took the opportunity to make and to care its contacts with companies in the hydrogen technology.

After 2004, MP GmbH delivered again a filling machine for silicone Visco-Dampers with integrated silicone treatment. The customer is based in Dalian - industrial and commercial metropolis in northeast China.

The generational change in the company's management is initiated.
Mr. Christian Wolf begins his work as a project manager with power of attorney.

Order volume 2.25 million €

In cooperation with a renowned research institute, MP develops concepts for the automatic assembly of fuel cells.

The Award "Mittelstands-Oskar" is a Germany-wide competition and is awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation.

Economy: "Assembly and testing is everywhere"
PDF download...

The recertification of the MP GmbH is done by the certification company VSB CERT GmbH. After a two-day audit the certificate was given for the 8th time.

Won the Zukunftspreis (Future Award)
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The "Zukunftspreis Ostbrandenburg" (Future Award of East-Brandenburg) went to MP GmbH
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